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The Hellenic Action for Human Rights -  "Pleiades" is an action - oriented NGO in the field of the protection of Human Rights. It is involved in sensitization campaigns, strategic litigation and offers pro bono high quality legal, medical, social and psychological support as well as educational and cultural services to vulnerable social groups, whose rights are being threatened or violated and who do not have effective/ unobstracted access to the above services. Our N.G.O. can offer strategic litigation services and is thus building and maintaining a network of human rights lawyers  - experts in Greece and in other EU countries. Together with the Council of Europe we have co-organized a training workshop for lawyers in Greece on minority rights litigation issues. Legal activity (pro bono litigation) has taken place (law suits, appeals, reports to authorities e.t.c.) defending prisoners, refugees, victims of police brutality and trafficking lgbtiq, minors e.t.c. Access to the media on these cases raise awareness in selected human rights issues. H.A.H.U.R.'s Prison Department has created a specific "Prison Program" which aims at improving the quality of life for the people in prison and simultaneously at preparing them for integration through educational/ training programs, psychological support and social aid. A vital part of the "Prison Program" is the psychosocial support for prisoners' family member and training seminars for the correctional staff.

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Hellenic Action for Human Rights "pleiades"

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